Director's Profile
Jagjit Aggarwal
(Executive Chairman)
Over 25 years of experience in the trading and FMCG distribution business as Managing Director of the Group. He recently took the role as Executive Chairman of the Board. He has formed excellent relationships with general stakeholders of the business over the years. A sincere person with strong vision, loyalty and committment to the business, he has tirelessly worked to bring the Group to where it stands today from humble beginnings. He initiated the Group to move into the business of Transportation and Manufacturing of plastics.  
Sandesh Aggarwal
With about 7 years experience in running the business, Sandesh formally joined the group in 2005 and has had very good long-term exposure to the operational aspects having assisted the family business from a junior age. Educated at the University of Birmingham in the UK and graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finance, he joined the Group with a mission of taking it to a higher level of professional structuring, governance and growth.
Achla Aggarwal (Mrs)
(Non-Executive Director)
Having helped in the family business for more than 15 years, she has now assumed the role of Non-executive Director on the board. She has been very much part of the business in its initial stages having worked well in a multi-tasked environment as is essential in any family run businesses. A committed person who helped in establishing the company's values ever since its humble beginning.