Services and Products
ASL buys products in bulk quantities from various Tanzanian manufactures and then distributes these to customers around the country. Sales are made through sales outlets and depots based in the following regions:
• Arusha
• Moshi
• Tanga
• Mwanza
• and Dar-es-Salaam.

Apart from procuring goods from the domestic manufacturers, the company also imports some products from Kenya. The products that the company distributes are as follows:

Sun Fry Cooking Oil - Cooking oil available in various sizes and Branded for Arusha Sundries;

Kuku Soap - Laundry Bar soap available in various sizes;

Manyara Sugar - ASL is a distributor of this product;

Sunkist Wheat Flour - ASL procures this flour from manufacturer in Arusha.

Chai Tausi Packed Tea - ASL has sole nationwide distribution for this product following its recent Launch;

Salt- Imported from Kenya

Candies- Bubble gums and hard- boiled candies imported from Kenya